Matters needing attention in the use of Jiangmen plastic preservation box

2020-12-29 439

  Jiangmen plastic preservation boxDo not put it into microwave oven or oven, because plastic will produce harmful substances to human body under high temperature. If you often use the microwave oven cooking, choose polycarbonate (PC) information of plastic preservation box; with about 70 degrees of high temperature continuous washing, please do not pass 20 ~ 30 minutes.

Ordinary dishwasher high heat parts in the bottom, relatively speaking, the upper part of the direct heat transfer, so put in the upper part of the dishwasher cleaning is good. Although the plastic products made of polypropylene have high heat resistance temperature, if they are heated for a long time, the products will be deformed and elongated.


Therefore, after cleaning, if you want to use it immediately, please put the plastic preservation box into cold water and soak it for a while before using it. This is a good way to avoid deformation. In addition, the tempered glass plastic box may explode when it is cold and hot.

Hot food will make the air expand, so that the sealing performance of the plastic box is reduced, so we should wait for the food to cool before storage. The bubble of carbonated drinks (soda, cola, etc.) will make the sealing ability of the plastic fresh-keeping box lose. Do not store them in the plastic fresh-keeping box.

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